Friday, July 1, 2011

Alcohol Stove: The Vienna

So I was looking at the Super Cat Alcohol stove at Jim Wood's site and I thought to myself: "I should build that bad boy."  Unfortunately 7-11 only had Vienna Sausage tins and well, I decided to build a stove from the sausages and cook them on said stove.

 A can of $.99 Vienna Sausage.  5oz.  Approx 2.5" tall.

Label removed.

Measurements taken.  Initially I wanted to follow the rule on the Super Cat design that says the bottom of the bottom-most hole must be between 1/2" to 5/8" but honestly it got to the point where the hole-punch didn't go farther down than maybe 1/2" from the top so that was my jumping off point.

Holes punched evenly (sort of) around the top of the can.

Cooking supplies.

As you can see, I made another row of slits with an awl from my multitool.  After experimentation I feel like more holes on that level would help my heat output.  As-is it works more like a simmer stove.

Mmmm sausages.

Wind wasn't really an issue.

Made a lid from a Bud can and timed a boil of 16oz at around 5 minutes.  Total run time for the full stove was a whopping 12 minutes.  More than enough time to boil water for tea/cocoa/coffee/ramen/rice/etc.

All-in-all the stove performed great and fits into my little one-man cook kit weighing in at probably around half a pound for all this stuff (not including fuel).  I'm not sure what the fuel capacity is yet, but i'm guessing around 2-2.5oz.

Yes, I am a hobo.

Red Party Cup frame of reference.

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